The First Lodge Bingo Extravaganza

Posted on December 20, 2016

On Wednesday, December 7, we held our first ‘Bingo Extravaganza at the Lodge’! 

We were honoured when nine staff members from McInnes Cooper hosted a Christmas themed bingo night. Our multipurpose room was packed with residents and they had a fantastic time. It was a huge hit!

What is a bingo extravaganza?
This is a unique opportunity for businesses or groups in the community to volunteer and host a bingo night for our Lodge guests. 

Volunteers set up the room, visit with guests, call bingo and even provide the prizes!

Lodge guests socialized, enjoyed some festive treats and shared a few laughs (more than a few actually).  

After a quick lesson - ‘ Bingo 101’, the volunteer team from McInnes Cooper took over and the fun began. 

Below are some photos from this fantastic event.

Bingo Prizes

The volunteers really appreciated having the opportunity to see the wonderful things we do here and the impact the lodge has on our guests.  

We like to extend our thanks to the staff at McInnes Cooper for participating and look forward to having them volunteer again