About The Sobey Cancer Support Centre

What is the Sobey Cancer Support Centre?
The Sobey Cancer Support Centre is the expanded facility which houses the existing Lodge That Gives, The Programming and Wellness Area and Canadian Cancer Society offices.
Why is it called the Sobey Cancer Support Centre?
The name acknowledges the generosity and contributions of the Sobey family who provided resources, funds and leadership throughout the expansion campaign.
Where is the Centre?
The Centre is located at 5826 South Street at Wellington. The Centre is conveniently located to the Cancer Care Centre in the Dickson Building at the QEII Hospital.
What is the difference between The Lodge That Gives and the Sobey Cancer Support Centre?
The Sobey Cancer Support Centre is the name of the all encompassing building which includes The Dr. Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives, The Steve and Kathy Smith Programming and Wellness Area, and the Canadian Cancer Society offices.
What is offered at the Sobey Cancer Support Centre?
The Dr. Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives is a residence style accommodation where cancer patients are able to stay for free during their treatments in Halifax. In addition to accommodation, residents and their guests are able to take advantage of our extensive programming. Refer to the Programs page for more details. The Respite Room is available for use by all cancer patients visiting the local cancer clinics. Wig, Mastectomy Bra, and Prosthetics are available free of charge to anyone living with cancer.
Why was the Centre built?
The Centre was built to accommodate the need of Nova Scotians undergoing cancer treatment in Halifax. The original Lodge That Gives had a capacity of 34 people, with the expansion we can now accommodate up to 64 people. The Centre now has improved overall facilities, more rooms for fitness programs, healing touch therapies, support groups, and relaxing spaces.

About The Dr Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives

What is The Dr Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives?
The Dr Susan K. Roberts Lodge That Gives is residence style accommodations in Halifax, Nova Scotia where cancer patients are able to stay during their treatments at any Halifax hospital. The Lodge offers home cooked meals, common areas and clean and comfortable bedrooms. The purpose of The Lodge is to provide a restful, homelike environment.
Who can stay at The Lodge That Gives?
Any cancer patient who is undergoing treatment in Halifax and lives at least 50 kilometers outside of Halifax is able to stay with us. Requests for Admission must come from a doctor, patient navigator, social worker, or cancer clinic booking office.

About your stay

How much does it cost me to stay there?
Accommodations and meals are free for Nova Scotia cancer patients with a referral. If a companion or family member wishes to stay with the patient they are charged a flat rate of $85.00 per night/person. This covers the cost of the room and three meals (tax included).
Can patients from outside of Nova Scotia stay at The Lodge?
Yes they can. However, they will be responsible for full payment of the room and meal fee, which is $85.00 per night/person, unless otherwise formally indicated.
What are the hours of operation?
Effective June 23, 2018 The Lodge That Gives is open 7 days a week and 24 hours a day. Check in is at 1pm, and check out is at 9am.
How long can I stay at The Lodge?
There is no limit to your length of stay as long as you are undergoing treatment. Please inform the Bookings Coordinator of when you expect to finish treatment, as this will help them admit others in need of accommodation.